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Ultimate Drinkware

Free from Any Chemical

Rest assured, all of Swanz products are 100% BPA, metal leaching and chemical free.

No Leftover Stain and Smell

We understand that leftover stains and smell from coffee or tea could be very irritating sometimes. That is why our porcelain Swanz tumbler is free from stain and smell. Put anything you like, simply wash it with water and it is ready to use for any food and beverages.

Suitable for Any Kinds of Food and Beverages

With Swanz tumbler you can put anything you like. Coffee in the morning, juice for the afternoon and milk in the night. Why not? You can keep changing your beverages as you like without worrying about stain, smell and chemical reaction.

Enhances Your Drinking Experience

Enhance your drinking experience with Swanz. Its porcelain interior allows you to sip it directly without scalding your mouth. Its just like using a normal cup with thermal insulation. Its white interior also scientifically proven to enhance your drinking experience.

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Print your own Design!

Easy tumbler customization*

Have a design concept in mind? Tell us what do you imagine, we can make it real for you. We print customize design on our classic collection tumblers body. Any colour, any designs. You are the designer. Make your own custom print tumbler now!

Current available model to print:

Classic Colection (SY-080 and SY-080a)

*Minimum purchase order applicable

Incorporated in 2010, Swanz Brand is a household brand from Singapore which designed and manufactured porcelain household wares which brings greater health benefits to customers. Swanz product ranges from thermal porcelain tumblers to food warmers. Currently, Swanz products are available in retails accross Singapore.

Retail Stores:

Go to Swanz Brand Official Website

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