Meaningful Gifts


Scube Gifts is a Premium Corporate Gift provider which operates mainly in Singapore. Our goal – to provide sophisticated and desirable premium gifts that are both innovative and high quality, all at affordable rates. From designing to production and finally delivery of premium company gifts, our company handles it all under one roof.

Our success can only be attributed to our long term customers who have stuck with us through the years. We believe that they are quite familiar with the ideal of building long term business relationships which will pay off in the long run, and we are happy to continue providing a fantastic level of service to all who would come to us.




Generating idea is one of the most important stage in gifting. Great gift ideas produce great gifts.


We help our customers in conceptualization to make sure the gift is meaningful.


We listen you. We understood your requirements. We customize each gift for you.


We strive to give the best customer service to all of our customers. Right from ordering, quality checks to delivery.


Scube Gift carries these following brands under it's arm. Juan Tea is exclusive brands available in retails across Singapore.

Check out their official website for exquisite selections of rainbow herbal tea.